The ball swam perfectly...

The ball swam perfectly...

The cancellation of the match between CSKA and Shakhtar really shocked the organizers of Copa del Sol, those in charge of the broadcast and especially the footballers of both teams. Everybody has waited for this final! Alas! The weather amended everything in its own way...

The Scandinavian referees and Lubos Michel stepped onto the pitch and couldn't believe their eyes: the downpour has turned it into the great puddle. They tried the ball. It didn’t roll, but it swam perfectly... This fact was the last straw and the main referee decided to cancel the game. Totally and forever! Nobody wants injuries – all the more on the eve of the UEFA Europa League.

The match will not be postponed, because on February 13 both Shakhtar and CSKA leave Marbella. As soon as this became obvious, everybody thought about the same thing: a serious football incident took place – the tournament without the final, without the full stop in the end. However, the way out was found quickly: it was decided to consider both teams the winners of the first Copa del Sol! Shakhtar and CSKA shared the first position and the prize money too. The money that should be given for the 1st and 2nd positions were put together and divided equally between the teams. Each of them got SEK 500 000 (about $70 000).

Both Shakhtar and CSKA got the certificate cheques. But they were prepared in advance, when nobody could even dream about such a result of the tournament. So the organizers of Copa del Sol had to cross out the typed inscription and write the new sum of the prize money. Then the participants of the cancelled final bade farewell to each other - till the better conditions!

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