Henrik Mkhitaryan: Braga level is not our concern

The Pitmen midfielder Henrik Mkhitaryan took part in the game against Arsenal Kyiv after a long break. The Press Office has just asked him to tell about his health.

— Mircea Lucescu had a high opinion about your appearance in the last fixture. How did you feel after the game and during it?
— Well, I can tell I am still far from optimal conditions. I have joined the rest for training, but there is still little time left before Braga. So right after the League fixture on holidays I will try to get into shape to start new season.

It was exactly Braga game where you made a debut in the Champions League. Now when all emotions were settled down, could you speak on your impressions?
— It was a little bit hard in terms of psychology, as I was getting nervous. After the half break I fully managed to adjust to the game. I became easier then. And against Arsenal I did not experience such an excitement.

— Do you think SC Braga have stepped up their gear much over the last few games?
— They began to win the Champions League, as well as we did! We have got a good squad, all players are strong. We will do our utmost to qualify in the top spot. And Braga’s level is not our concern.

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