Milla Jovovich: I am eager to see Rihanna

Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich attended the press conference for the upcoming show. Before answering the journalists' questions, Milla received a gift, a Shakhtar shirt with her name on it. By the way, Milla spoke excellent Russian.

- I am very pleased and proud to be here in Ukraine, where I was born, and I am pleased to support the great Shakhtar team. And besides, I am also eager to see Rihanna. (Laughing.)

- Milla, you are from Kyiv, and take part in Shakhtar Donetsk celebration. Are you aware of the relations between Kyiv and Donetsk fans? Do not you think it is a betrayal of your hometown?
- It does not matter whether it is Donetsk, Kyiv or Dnepropetrovsk – it is Ukraine!

- Milla, just yesterday the whole country watched your epic film "The Fifth Element" and we realized the woman's role in saving the world. And what do you think about the role of women in football?
- I think if I were a football player, I would have to gain weight. I am not sure that I would want to do that as it is very difficult to lose weight! (Smiling.)

- What places have you managed to see in Donetsk besides the hotel?
- In addition to the hotel? Well, the cars here are very beautiful, great weather! I thought I would come and the weather would be cold. We saw here a very beautiful church, but this time I could not visit it. Unfortunately, besides the hotel I did not see much, but now I am seeing all of you!

- What are you going to do with a Shakhtar shirt?
- I will wear it with short shorts and high heels! And maybe roll up the sleeves.

- Milla, how do you manage to look so good?
- Can I take you home? You will say that to me every morning (Laughing.) You know, you need to live a healthy lifestyle. I go to the gym three times a week. I let myself eat Russian food only at the weekends. Mourning exercises are also very important! You can not just rely on a wonder pill that will get in a good shape! You have to put in effort.

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