Vyacheslav Shevchuk: I just drove the ball into the net

Shakhtar’s left-back gave his comments on the game. 

- Congratulations on the first goal scored for Shakhtar! How does it feel? 
- (After a long pause.) It feels great, but the most important thing is our victory. 

- Were you really looking for a goal or were you crossing?
- No, it was clear that the goalkeeper rushed out of the goal trying ‘to read’ the situation, and I just drove the ball into the corner of the net. I was trying to do the same in the match against Dynamo but could not beat Shovkovskyy.

- Is your first goal for the Pitmen of significant importance for you to celebrate it?
- Yes, it was a very important event for me. I will celebrate it at our training camp. (Laughing.)

FC Shakhtar
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