Matuzalem’s case: FIFA imposes sanctions on Real Zaragoza

An important message was received by FC Shakhtar from the headquarters of FIFA. It directly relates to the so-called Matuzalem’s case, which resolution has been long awaited by FC Shakhtar’s numerous fans. We asked the FC Shakhtar Legal Department Chief Andriy Kharitonchuk to explain the details. 

- Andriy, has there been any progress regarding Matuzalem’s case?
- In a word FIFA has ruled that the Spanish Football Federation should take 6 points off Real Zaragoza SAD and submit a corresponding proof without any further delay. 

- Is it the punitive sanction against Zaragoza for non-observing the decision taken by FIFA disciplinary committee in August last year?
- Exactly. And those 6 points were not taken off the club earlier exceptionally because Real Zaragoza tried to appeal against the disciplinary committee decision. Now the appeal hearing is over with the decision being effective. Our dispute with Real Zaragoza SAD and Matuzalem Francelino da Silva should be finalized in Spain now. The next step should be taken by the Spanish Royal Football Federation. 

- Can the federation take those points off Real Zaragoza SAD?
- In this respect I will cite an abstract from the letter forwarded by the FIFA disciplinary committee to Mr Perez, the Spanish Football Federation Secretary General on 27 September: “Being the FIFA member, your association is liable for abiding by the decision in the way specified in the decision. Let us remind you that should your association not bring forth the aforementioned evidence immediately, the FIFA disciplinary committee will impose corresponding sanctions against you. This can lead to expelling the Spanish football federation from FIFA competitions.

- Quite tuff stance
- That’s the usual FIFA practice. 

- Does this mean that in the Spanish premiership table Real Zaragoza SAD should soon have -1 points, because they have currently earned five?
- This is to happen shortly. 

- Well, what if Zaragoza refuse to fulfill the court rulings after that?
- The next step is their automatic relegation. In this case it won’t even require any additional rulings, because everything has been stipulated by the previous documents. 

- What about the amount Real Zaragoza SAD is ordered to pay to FC Shakhtar Donetsk?
- The Spanish club have paid us 500 thousand euros. Now they still owe us some 13,900,000 euros. Real Zaragoza SAD have submitted to the Spanish court the bankruptcy request which is currently under review. We are expecting further information from the court, while preparing a number of other tools to enforce the debt settlement. 

FC Shakhtar
Press Office