Jadson waved goodbye to the fans

On January 16, Jadson held his farewell press conference in the Donbass Arena conference room. As you may already know, the Brazilian midfielder has signed a contract with Sao Paulo.

Jadson was joined by the club’s CEO Sergei Palkin who, in turn, made the opening speech:

 - I would like to greet all those present here. Today, Jadson is leaving Ukraine, leaving the club. This is quite an emotional moment. During his seven-year spell at our club, Jadson played 272 games, scoring 64 goals. He won five league titles, two Ukrainian Cups, and most importantly, UEFA Cup, having scored a decisive goal that made our club famous around the world. On behalf of FC Shakhtar president, coaching staff and the club’s staff, I would like to thank Jadson for the invaluable contribution he made to Shakhtar’s victories. It will forever live in our hearts. We will always remember about it. I wish him luck at the new club and would also like to hand him a shirt with the squad number indicating the number of games played for our club. In addition, we have made a film about Jadson. Its duration is twenty minutes and it tells us about his career at Shakhtar and other things as well, and now we want to show you some episodes.

These episodes featured Jadson’s son Mateusz who played the drums, danced and expertly controlled the ball. There was also his wife, family, which is the purpose of his life and the reason why Jadson decided to move to Brazil. One could even notice Jadson’s tears ... After coping with the flood of feelings, the footballer answered the questions from the press and the fans:

- Jadson, what else besides the shirt, trophies and medals will you take to Brazil?
- I want to thank everyone who came here to say goodbye. Today, I am leaving. I remember the whole period spent in Donetsk. In addition to the trophies I will take with me the fans’ love and respect towards me and my family. I am very touched. It is a very sad moment.

Sergei Palkin: - This morning I spoke with the president. We discussed Jadson, namely, the role that he played in the development of our club. We both came to the conclusion that his contribution is actually priceless. We have got plans for installing Jadson’s star on our Walk of Fame.

The audience greeted this statement with thunderous applause.

- Sergei Anatolyevich, could you elaborate on the financial side of the transfer?
- Probably, many already know it as this information has already been revealed. The transfer fee is 4 million plus a 30 percent share of Wellington’s rights. Wellington is Sao Paulo’s defensive midfielder, a very interesting player. Overall, the deal is worth more than seven million Euros. 

- I have a question for Jadson. Why did you decide to return to Brazil now?
- I have not had any problems with Shakhtar. Everyone treated me well here. This transfer is not linked directly with my desire to leave the club. My wife and I discussed this issue many times and we decided that it would be better for our child to live in Brazil, for he has to go to school. Here, he is alone – he has no friends. Now we have an opportunity to go to Sao Paulo. The main reason behind my transfer is the family circumstances.

- Would you stay at Shakhtar were it not for the family circumstances?
- I had three years left on my contract. Were it not for the family problems I would see it out.

- For any Brazilian it is hard to adapt in Ukraine. How long did you have to learn the names of all the teams of Ukrainian Premier League?
- Of course, at first, it was hard. It took me a year or two to adapt and to remember all those names (Laughing.)

- On the left wrist you have a tattoo. What does it say?
- My wife and I have the same tattoos. The only difference is that she has my name written on her wrist and I have her name written on my wrist. And there is also the word love.

- Is it true that you and your wife are expecting your second child?
- Yes, it is. My wife is in her third month of pregnancy. I hope our second child will play football with Mateusz.

- According to the information in the Brazilian press, you did not want to return to Donetsk after the holiday. Is it true?
- My presence here denies such rumours. That's not true. In any case, I would come here to talk with the fans, teammates and the people who have always supported me.

- Thank you for everything you did for Shakhtar. Could you please repeat a phrase that all the fans fell in love with? I mean “Where Dynamo, where?”
- (In Russian.) Gde Dynamo, Gde? (Laughing.)

- You did a lot for the team, the club, the fans. You became Shakhtar’s soul. We know that your son enjoys football. In future, we will be very glad to see him play for Shakhtar.
- I would like to thank you for your assessment of my role at Shakhtar. Thank you very much!

- Are you planning to visit Donetsk during Euro 2012?
- I do not know what will happen in the future, but if I have an opportunity to come to Donetsk I will do it with pleasure.

- I have a request: we understand your desire to play for Brazil in the next World Cup. Will you - as a sign of gratitude - raise Shakhtar’s shirt in the air, if your team wins this competition?
- I will continue to work in Brazil just the same way as I did here. As for the World Cup and your question, I will raise Shakhtar’s shirt in the air!

- You have probably already said goodbye to teammates, fans and journalists. Did you say goodbye to Mister? He has always treated you well. If yes, what did you say to each other?
- During my seven-year spell here, Mister has always helped me. And not just me - all the players. Lucescu is a great coach, a great expert. I will always have lots of love for him and will always remember our working together. I talked to him on the phone, because he could not meet with me in person - you know that he had an accident, and then underwent surgery. I will always remember Lucescu, we will try to keep in touch with each other. He is someone who has done a lot for me and for Shakhtar as a whole.

- Jadson, in Brazil, young players will be asking for your advice. Would you recommend them to try their luck in Ukraine?
- I came here in 2005. I have been here for seven years. The club has grown significantly, achieving outstanding success in Europe. If asked, I will tell only good words about Shakhtar and Ukrainian clubs. Shakhtar has an excellent infrastructure, with excellent conditions for every player. I always say that Brazilian footballers will not have any problems here.

After giving lots of autographs to the fans and waving them goodbye, Jadson left. He said goodbye to the fans but his attitude, his play, work and results inscribed his name in the Pitmen’s history for many years to come.

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