Alexandru Spiridon: Negotiations between Shakhtar and Chelsea still ongoing

Today, on 26 January, the Pitmen held their open training session at the Kirsha training ground. Shakhtar’s assistant head coach Alexandru Spiridon answered the journalists’ questions.

- What can you tell about training in such a cold weather?
- Weather conditions are extreme. We are trying to harden our character. We made some adjustments: today we are doing only running exercises.

- Targamadze is training with the team. Under what terms?
- Yes, Targamadze is now training with the squad. As for your question, this issue will apparently be discussed between Shakhtar’s top management and their colleagues from Illychivets.

- Is he going to Spain?
- Yes, he is. He will take part in the training camp.

- What is the reason behind him being here now?
- Mister wanted to assess his condition; his form.

- What is the current situation with Willian?
- As far as I know the negotiations between Shakhtar and Chelsea are still ongoing. Willian asked to go to Brazil, for his wife is pregnant now. I think the transfer fee offered by Chelsea does not match Willian’s skill. You probably know from the Internet that Hazard’s transfer value is 30-35 million. Chelsea offered 20 million for Willian. I do not think that Willian is weaker than Hazard, and in some components he is even stronger!

- Do you know anything about Mister’s plans?
- Tomorrow he will have an in-depth check-up, and then the doctors will decide when he can leave Bucharest. I already said that Mister would join up with the team in Spain. Regarding the exact date, it depends on the doctors’ decision.

- Is Olexandr Rybka flying to Spain?
- Of course. He is Shakhtar’s player.

- Is there any information concerning his suspension?
- Not yet.

- Today is Ilsinho’s first training session with the team...
- Yes, Ilsinho also took part in the morning training session. He will continue working on his fitness.

- How would you assess his condition?
- We have not seen him so far. He trained in the gym. Hopefully, Ilsinho’s form is no worse than the form he had been in before leaving.

- Are you planning to take Chygrynskyy to Spain?
- It is hard to say. He is still undergoing a course of recovery in London.

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