Olexandr Kucher: We were upset after conceding a goal before the break

Olexandr Kucher, who scored a brace against Dynamo and was named the Pitmen’s man of the match, gave his take on today’s victory.

- Olexandr, congratulations on the victory and the brace. Is it the first time in your career?
- No, it is not the first time in my career, but in that game my brace didn’t help my team achieve a win. Back then, Metalist suffered a 5-2 defeat against Chornomorets. I am very glad that today’s brace proved to be a winning one.

- Did Dynamo play as you had expected?
- We hadn’t seen much of their game. Indeed, we had been analyzing them, but we have our own game: we play a fluid, technical football, trying to keep the ball and create chances.

- What aspect was the most difficult one for you in this game?
- Probably, the fact that we didn’t convert many chances in the first half, which would have put the game to bed earlier. And, of course, we were upset after conceding a goal right before the break.

- Which of the chances that you didn’t put away do you regret for not converting most of all?
- The match is over, we won, we should not have anything to regret.

- What should Dynamo do to have a chance to win at the Donbass Arena?
- This question should be addressed to Dynamo.  We will try not to give them such an opportunity at the Donbass Arena.

FC Shakhtar
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