Facundo Ferreyra: I apologize to everyone

Having returned to the team, the Pitmen’s striker talked to the club press office and explained his actions.

- My family was very worried about me, persuaded not to go to Ukraine. They thought it was very dangerous. So I decided not to go back. But on the second day I regretted it. My fears were dispelled by a conversation with the club CEO Sergei Palkin. He calmed me down and assured that all of us would be safe. Plus other players have returned and all of them were fine. I really regret that I have not come immediately. I apologize to the fans, team-mates and coach.

- What’s the situation like now?
- I would like to get back to Donetsk. We are missing our wonderful stadium. But it is necessary to give credit to the club for organizing the training process in Lviv, we have everything you need. Then we will go to Kyiv, and I'm sure that there everything will be up to the mark too. We realize how difficult it is to ensure the normal work under the circumstances.

- What would you say to the fans, especially those who are now in Donetsk?
- First and foremost, I want to apologize to them and the president of our club. I hope what is happening in Donetsk will soon end. And we, the players, will do everything possible to give our fans more reasons for joy.

FC Shakhtar
Press Office