Rinat Akhmetov: We have a very difficult situation at home

FC Shakhtar president gave an interview to the 2+2 channel.

About Mircea Lucescu

- I came to wish Mister a happy birthday. Although it is not a festive day for us, at the same time we should greet Mircea Lucescu on his birthday and wish him sound health, long life and that our winning many more trophies with Mister. I am convinced that it will be just like that.

On the situation in the country

- The victory over Dynamo Kyiv is very important. We have a very difficult situation at home. There is a war on, and I understand that everyone is not in a football mood today. But at the same time, there’s some joy for the supporters in it. What else can we do? We can make our fans happy with our game and give them some positive signal.

About the Brazilians

- Everyone returned. I spoke about it at once. It’s OK, this is the situation that will make us stronger. And I think that these players will help us very much. We are faced with ambitious goals, we must win all the competitions we take part in: that’s the Ukrainian League, the Ukrainian Cup and the Champions League. We hope to make our fans happy with our game, although everyone’s ... in no mood for football.

FC Shakhtar
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