Shakhtar distributes humanitarian aid among Donetsk residents

FC Shakhtar staff have joined the team distributing humanitarian aid, which arrives from the Let’s Help centre at the Foundation of Rinat Akhmetov, among the residents of Donetsk. The employees are involved in the non-stop process of unloading, packaging and delivery of food sets to the local citizens. Over the last week, the volunteers distributed and delivered about 13,000 of these sets to specific addresses.
- We recognize the importance of the thing we’ve been doing. Many residents of the city are now in dire need of food and essentials. Therefore, more than 100 employees of the club, despite the tense situation in the city, deliver every day the foodstuffs brought in by Akhmetov’s Humanitarian Haulage to those in need. Helping our fellow countrymen in such a difficult time is our duty, - pointed out FC Shakhtar CEO Sergei Palkin.
FC Shakhtar
Press Office