Elano waved goodbuy to Donetsk

Elano waved goodbuy to Donetsk

On 4August FC Shakhtar made an official announcement concerning its player Elano’s transfer to the English Premier League club Manchester City. On August 6th Elano Blumer held a farewell press conference, which, by the way, was attended by the Miners’ head coach Mircea Lucescu. The Romanian specialist came, though, only to pose with his former player before the cameras and wish him all the best in his professional career. The coach also said that Elano’s transfer to the English club will do good to the image of Shakhtar. Elano continued:

- First of all, I’d like to thank all those people who were around me when I was coming through difficult times; all those who helped me –no matter were they foreigners or the locals – the President, my team-mates, the fans. Problems can occur in everybody’s life – I had problems as well. But it is normal. All we need to do is to break through. I’d like to thank once again for the help I was given when I lived in Donetsk.

The MK v Donbasse, Dmytro Durnev. Tell us how you spent your time starting from the final stage of the Copa America till today.

- After the successful performance in Venezuela I spent at home two weeks. I was with my family. Now its time to get back to work.

The URA-Inform news agency, Yevhen Shybalov. They say that English football is tough and this style doesn’t suit Brazilian players. Aren’t you afraid of such prospects?

- No, not at all. I think that it is a player’s brain that makes him a strong professional. Ukrainian football is tough too but it didn’t prevent me from proving myself at Shakhtar.

Football-online, Ihor Shtanko. Your Brazil team-mate Ilsinho is just about to make his debut for Shakhtar. How much time do you thing is it going to take till he adapted the team’s style?

- Both, the Club and the player, have taken the right decision. Ilsinho is a very strong player and it will take less time for him to adapt the style than it did in my case, because he came in summer and the climate now is very much like that in Brazil. In my case – it was a real challenge because the temperature could drop to 15 degrees below zero. Ilsinho will need less time to become acclimatise to Ukrainian conditions.

The Zhyzn, Dmytro Dojnikov. What do you think of Matuzalem’s conduct?

- I can’t judge because I know neither his nor the Club’s position. It is difficult to pass any judgements.

ua-football, Denys Sobolev. Shakhtar are the regulars in the UCL, whereas Manchester City are rarely seen there.

- Shakhtar had to work hard to get into the UCL. Maybe my name will be written down in the Manchester City history book as a man’s who helped the team get into the Champions League. I’ll do everything possible to help my new team reach the level Shakhtar are at at the moment.

The Pozitsija, Vadym Momotenko. What did you learn in Ukraine?

- I have learned a lot here. I realised what does it mean to be part of a great team, I came to know a President who is totally devoted to his club, I saw how much he can do to his players. Once in a foreign country, I found myself in absolutely new environment, with different style of living, different customs – including a manner to pick the clothes. I consider the time I spent here was very useful. I happy about the fact that I am leaving Shakhtar without scandals, without problems.

The UNIAN news agency, Yaroslav Kolgushev. Would you have considered staying at Shakhtar had they offered you more attractive conditions?

- I won’t have same financial conditions as I had in Donetsk, but money is not the point. You see, Ukraine is far too far from Brazil and I cant stay long without my family. Living without my family is a challenge for me. This is why I asked the President and the coach to give me an opportunity to be closer to the family. I have never said that conditions were bad at Shakhtar.

The MK v Donbasse, Dmytro Durnev. You didn’t have time to learn Russian. Do you think it will be easier with the English language?

- I admit I am not fluent in Russian, but I know it well enough to be able to communicate in the everyday life. I have never experienced any communicational difficulties when doing shopping or dining at a restaurant. We used to use Russian with the team mates during training sessions. My knowledge was sufficient for such purposes. Of course I will have to attend English lessons, but I think 4 year is enough to learn this language.

The Zhyzn, Dmytro Dojnikov. Is there anything that will stay in your memory connected with the Donetsk period in your career?

- It is the Champions title Shakhtar won 4 months after I joined the team. And the second event would be the team’s performance in the UEFA Cup.

The URA-Inform news agency, Yevhen Shybalov. Judging from reports, the British mass media are less kind than the Ukrainian and pay much attention to a player’s private live. Does it bother you?

- No, because in Brazil it is much worse. If a team looses, a waiter in a restaurant can refuse to serve you a dinner. No matter who you are. You are followed everywhere.

The Gazeta 24, Yevhen Lelyukh. You are spending much time at Brazil. Has Dunga ever asked for your advise concerning Shakhtar’s Brazilians – potential national team players?

- I was happy to be able to play for Shakhtar and Brazil simultaneously. You know, when I was leaving for Ukraine I was told I’d never be capped. But Ukraine is a football country and Brazilians are following its football life. Our coach is paying attention to the Brazilians playing in the Ukrainian League.

The UNIAN news agency, Yaroslav Kolgushev. What will you say in your farewell speech to your former team-mates?

- I would like to thank all those with whom I used to play – Brazilians and Ukrainians. All our honours - is the achievement of the entire team and not of one single person. We are parting being good friends and I am grateful for it. Thanks to all the journalists who came here today to see me go. I confess I was afraid no one would turn out and I’d be alone in this room.


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