Let’s Play!

Football available to everyone

FC Shakhtar’s new social project Come on, Let’s Play! is for children who love football and want to play it outdoors!

It is no secret that in our country, football is considered to be the number one sport, with quite a lot of attention being paid to its development at professional level. Youth sports schools, academies and various relevant classes are available. But the situation with amateur football is exactly the opposite. Since football is very popular with the younger generation, although not everyone has the opportunity, ability and talent to do it professionally. So what can be done in this situation?

FC Shakhtar wants football to be available to every boy and girl! We want schoolchildren to not be sitting at computers in their homes, but to engage in sports activities outdoors and lead healthy lifestyles.

Our son never misses training sessions. We are very happy that the children have the opportunity to play in such conditions, on the quality grounds

Natalya Mitina, mother of a Let’s Play! project participant

Any child aged 7 to 12 who wants to play football can become the Come on. Let’s Play! project participant. We enrol absolutely all children into the project, without any special trials. We look for and train volunteer coaches, who conduct daily training sessions for boys and girls. The kids train on the most advanced synthetic football fields. Of course, if a child reveals his or her football talent in the project, they may well be admitted to the children's academy of the club.

Joining the Come on, Let’s Play! project is easy:

  • сall the administrator of the ground you want to train at;

  • email your application to letsplay@shakhtar.com.

Training session venues

  1. Makiivka, Hvardiyka (FC Shakhtar Academy branch). Administrator Illia, 099 710 20 86.

  2. Donetsk, CS Shakhtar synthetic pitches. Administrator Vlad, 066 939 39 83.

  3. Kramatorsk, Blooming stadium. Administrator Vitalii, 066 970 60 09.

  4. Kurakhove, a mini-football pitch at secondary school 2. Administrator Serhii, 095 306 05 72.

  5. Severodonetsk, a mini-football pitch at secondary school 12. Administrator Yevhen, 068 595 75 94.

  6. Lviv, a mini-football ground Sportresurs, 13a Ternopilska St. Administrator Pavlo, 093 236 60 25.

  7. Lviv, a mini-football ground at the gymnasium, 17a Kyryla i Mefodiia St. Administrator Ihor, 067 696 96 70.

  8. Lviv, a mini-football ground at 63 Kovelska St. Administrator Oleh, 073 018 96 33.

  9. Dobropillia, 73 Pershotravneva St. Administrator Alina, +38 099 061 32 75.

Contact phone of the Come On, Let's Play! project manager: +38 067 543 78 01.