Parafan Club

Football available to everyone

Football Club Shakhtar provides comfortable viewing of matches at the OSC Metalist for all categories of fans, including people with disabilities. The Parafan Club social programme is implemented for them.

Fans in wheelchairs can watch the game on the specially equipped platforms located in the eastern and western stands. The stadium has 126 positions for people with disabilities and their carers. In addition, audio and video broadcasts are available at the home games for the visually impaired and blind fans.

Special conditions for purchasing tickets have been created for people with disabilities:

  • disabled people of group I – a free match ticket for the disabled and the accompanying person;
  • disabled people of groups II-III – a Standard 5 ticket for the disabled and the accompanying person (if necessary) at 50% off the regular price;
  • children with disabilities, as well as mentally retarded ones and kids with cerebral palsy – a free Standard 5 ticket for themselves and their attendant.

To buy/receive tickets, one should produce the original disability certificate in person at the ticket office of OSC Metalist.

Also, the fans with special needs have the priority to purchase tickets for Shakhtar’s European competition games.

The contact phone of the Parafan Club Programme Manager is +38 067 543 78 01.