Mircea Lucescu: There’ll be many such games in the league

The head coach of Shakhtar gave a press conference after defeating Hoverla.

- What can we learn from this match? Three points, two goals scored and zero conceded, which is very important. Plus, of course, this is one of the aspects of preparation for the encounter with Fenerbahce, who will not play like Hoverla were playing today. It was the game between our offensive players and the team who defended in a very good and organised way, particularly in the first half. We saw great ambition and motivation of Hoverla players. No wonder that towards the end of the second half, many players started suffering from cramp. This is due to the fact that they did a lot of work. They were fighting for a positive result. While we, probably, did not play very well in the first half. Too many players moved back into midfield to receive the ball. That’s why we were unable to take advantage of the opponents’ patchy defence. In the second half, through fielding Taison and Eduardo we reached the opposition goal more easily and threatened them more often. Probably, there’ll be many games like this in the Ukrainian league - with the exception of the meetings between the sides claiming to win some top spots.

- Mister, are you relying on Fred? What’s his situation?
- Let's see what happens in the next few days. We will be able to answer the question whether he will be preparing for Fenerbahce or not by then.

- Why Ordets was named man of the match today?
- Because he played very well, confidently, reliably, winning a great many challenges. When I make a decision about who will be man of the match, it does not matter whether it’s a striker or a defender. If one played well, I just admit it. Ordets put in a very reliable performance.

- What was the reason behind picking Kucher? Has Rakits’kyy just had some rest today?
- If you notice not only Rakits’kyy had rest today. Compared to the match against Fenerbahce, there were seven new players. We are not going to mention anyone individually now. Footballers of about the same level currently play at Shakhtar. If I trust them, they must justify that trust on the pitch. I'm sure that if we had deployed the same line-up we used against Fenerbehche, the same thing would have happened: the team would have attacked continuously, and the opponents would have defended for as long as possible.

- Pyatov wasn’t on the bench today. Is he OK?
- He is all right, so he will be preparing for the game just like the others. I am surprised that you are asking about those missing instead of those who were on the pitch.