Taison: We’ve focused on Fenerbahce

Shakhtar midfielder speaks in his interview to the official website about the upcoming Champions League match.

- Taison, in the second leg Fenerbahce will be happy with a goal-scoring draw. Their goal at Shakhtar’s pitch takes on some extra importance, so will it be doubly difficult for you defensively?
- Those are very difficult qualifying matches. I think that both teams will need to win only in the second leg. We will play to claim only that kind of result. Most importantly, we should take to the pitch being fully focused and prepared. We must defeat them, especially as we are playing at home.

- In Istanbul, you had a chance that you failed to convert. Do you regret the missed chance?
- Of course, that’s disappointing. We all remember a few chances we had in that game - not only mine ... But now we are forgetting about the past meeting. We derived only the necessary positive thoughts from it. We are preparing for the match which will take place on Wednesday!

- Do you expect that in the return match Fenerbahce will be in a better form than they were in the first one?
- Yes, we do. We’ve focused on the opponents. Currently, our team have been producing good results in the Ukrainian league, and we want the upcoming Champions League game to be no exception. We hope it will boost our self-esteem even more, and we will advance to the next round.

- Will Fenerbahce will play defensively or offensively, according to you?
- It is hard to say, every match is a completely new story. Let’s see what kind of football they produce. For us the main thing is what we ourselves are preparing for. And we think just about the goals, the victory and our advancing to the next stage.

- What new sides did Fenerbahce reveal to you in the first game?
- We always watch a lot of videos and study teams. The more we know about them, the less errors we will make on the pitch. Before the encounter, we had to know everything about them! Therefore, the opponents sprang no surprise on us.

- Can Shakhtar and Fenerbahce be called equal sides?
- According to the first match and its result, it happened just like that. Let's see what the second meeting reveals.

- Before the match they talked about Nani, Van Persie and other players, who were finally sealed off by Shakhtar. Were you better prepared for the meeting?
- They are a good team, having a lot of strong players, not just the listed ones. Maybe we well studied the opponents, and we managed to neutralise them.

- Is the option of the teams finishing it 0-0 and having to play extra time, which may well be followed by a penalty shoot-out, realistic?
- We are ready for any situations, nevertheless we hope that there such an outcome won’t happen, and that we will manage to score a goal within 90 minutes of the match.

Let us remind you that Shakhtar vs Fenerbahce match will be held on August 5, at 21:45 at the Arena Lviv. Tickets for the game can be purchased online on the official website of FC Shakhtar as well as at the stadium’s ticket office.