Caner Erkin: We respect Shakhtar a lot

Fenerbahce’s midfielder has shared his view about the upcoming game with Shakhtar, answering questions from media in the pre-match press conference.

- Thank you for your attention to our team! We respect the opponents a lot and consider Shakhtar as a very strong team. Despite this, Fenerbahce will do everything possible to advance to the Champions League group stage.

- Do Fenerbahce hope to play in a more convincing manner than in the first match?
- We have received instructions from our head coach Vitor Pereira. Even if Shakhtar field their strongest squad, we will try to play to win.

- Shakhtar’s players Taison and Marlos often made runs on the flanks. Did you pay attention to that during your preparation for the upcoming game?
- Of course, we discussed the first match. You are right, Shakhtar counterattacked very well, especially on the right side. I am confident that the team will do everything right from a tactical point of view in the second leg.