Mircea Lucescu: I'd note defensive performance and teamwork

Head coach of Shakhtar gave a press conference after defeating Fenerbahce.

- It was a very difficult match, just as I’ve said yesterday. We met with a strong team, beat them and advanced further. But it was very difficult to do that today, and we were even lucky to some extent. Pyatov was in top form today, rescuing the team. Our opponents also had a few chances they failed to convert – probably, they were put under too much pressure. Of course, I’m really delighted at the 3-0 scoreline, but that’s not quite realistic, because Fenerbahce have also played very well today. This time, perhaps, luck was also on our side. At the same time, I want to note our very careful defensive performance and great teamwork of our midfielders while attacking. It’s a pity, of course, that one team was knocked out and only one has made it further, as the worthy teams have met. Once again, I want to mention the good performance of our opponents.

- Mister, how do you like today’s officiating?
- It’s good. The ref did not miss anything, though there was a risk, as the passions might have run high. I do not think there are any issues regarding the way he refereed it. Good refereeing.

- And the second question: today you’ve still fielded Fred in the starting line-up ...
- Please introduce yourself. Where are you from?

- Severin Stetsyuk, Brutalnyi Futbol.
- One question is enough. The others, please.

- What do you make of Ivan Ordets’ performance? Can we say that he has become the first team regular after this match?
- All our players are regular ones, and everyone has his turn approaching. When a player takes the field, he must prove that he meets the requirements of Shakhtar. Ivan is a very useful footballer, especially in the games against the teams having some tall, powerful performers. We have always suffered from it before. As for Fred, since you are insisting ... I learned the verdict in every language available: English, French ... None of those regulations reads that he should be suspended automatically. We have received a document from CONMEBOL, which states that he is invited to Asuncion, Paraguay, on August 25, to express his opinion about what happened. Our site very clearly voiced the club’s position. Let's see how long it will last. Again, we did not receive any letters saying that Fred has no right to take to the pitch. Until the official documents regarding him are made available, he will train and play together with us. Probably, they will lodge an appeal and set up defence.

- Mr. Lucescu, in the first half, you were unhappy with the defenders’ performance. There were some critical remarks made towards Vyacheslav Shevchuk. What in particular weren’t you happy with? Is it his backpassing to Pyatov?
- Those were just game situations. That’s exactly why I am on the sidelines - to prompt the players as to their actions and, possibly, to make some remarks. Those are job issues. Usually, we analyse them during the debriefing sessions.