Vorskla vs Shakhtar: journey into history

Before the game in Poltava, we offer you to remember how Shakhtar played away matches with Vorskla 15, 10 and 5 seasons ago.

15 years ago

Ukrainian League 2000-01. 13th round. October 29, 2000. Poltava. Vorskla stadium. Att: 7,800

Vorskla - Shakhtar - 2:2 (0:2)

Goals: 0:1 Atelkin (8), 0:2 Atelkin (43), 1:2 Onopko (49), 2:2 Melashchenko (70)

Shakhtar: Virt, Starostyak, (Shmarko 67) Glevetskas, Tymoshchuk, Popov, Bakharev, Kovalyov (c), (Aliuta, 73) Zubov, Atelkin (Belik, 72), Vorobey, Okoronkwo

Head coach: Viktor Prokopenko

Highlight of the match

15 years ago Shakhtar came to Poltava as the only top flight team, who had not lost to Vorskla. The Pitmen returned home in the same status, but claimed a draw.

Figure of the match - 4

Four goals were scored between two teams for the first time in Poltava. This record is still to date.

Quote of the match

Viktor Prokopenko, the Pitmen’s head coach:

- I could say that we gave our game away. Two terrible errors in defence became fatal for us.

10 years ago

Ukrainian League 2005-06. Matchday 12. October 16, 2005. Poltava. Vorskla stadium. Att: 9,000

Vorskla - Shakhtar - 0:2 (0:2)

Goals: 0:1 Tymoshchuk (12), 0:2 Brandao (25)

Shakhtar: Lashtuvka, Stoican, Seyhan, Hübschman, Shevchuk, Tymoschuk (c), Matuzalem, Fernandinho (Aghahowa, 61), Elano, Brandao (Jadson 67), Vorobey (Belik, 73)

Highlight of the match

It was the first game of Mircea Lucescu’s team with Vorskla of Viktor Nosov – the outstanding coach in the Soviet history of the Pitmen. Under the leadership of Nosov, the Pitmen finished second in the USSR league on two occasions, winning the domestic Cup and played twice in the final of this competition.

Player of the match - Anatoliy Tymoschuk

The Pitmen's captain scored a beatiful goal on 12 minutes. Anatoliy fired a powerful effort from a free-kick.

Quote of the match

Viktor Nosov, Vorskla’s head coach:

- In the first half, two set pieces brought Shakhtar success. First Tymoschuk expertly took a free kick, and then after a corner kick our defenders failed to mark Brandao. The second half showed that we can play with any opponents. I don’t like the word ‘conversion’, we are just lacking skill set.

5 years ago

EpiCenter Ukrainian Championship. Matchday 29 

May 14, 2011. Poltava. Butovskyy stadium. Att: 12,000. +15 C

Vorskla (Poltava) vs Shakhtar (Donetsk) - 1:1 (1:1)

Goals: 0:1 Vytsenets (17), 1:1 Yanuzi (45 +1)

Shakhtar: Pyatov, Kobin, Kucher, Chyzhov, Rat (c), Stepanenko, Gai (Fernandinho, 62), Vytsenets, Costa (Bruno, 73), Teixeira, Moreno (Mkhitaryan, 62)

Head Coach: Mircea Lucescu

Highlight of the match

The Pitmen came to Poltava having already won the Ukrainian league 2010-11. Meanwhile, Donbas Arena saw the last bits preparation for the magnificent show to make Shakhtar’s 75th birthday. Straight after the final whistle, the Pitmen headed home for celebration.

Figure of the match – 150

This game became a milestone one, 150th for the Pitmen’s defender Razvan Rat in the Ukrainian league.

Quote of the match – Mircea Lucescu

- It was very important for us to use those players who were less involved in the league matches, and see their potential in order to make certain conclusions. The scoreline reflects what was happening on the pitch.