Marlos: Vorskla play great in defence

On the eve of the game in Poltava the Pitmen’s midfielder has granted an interview to the official website.

- Marlos, Shakhter played their match with Fenerbahce on Wednesday and Vorskla played with Zilina in the Europa League on Thursday. Will Shakhtar be fresher than the opponents because of an extra day off?
- Maybe you're right and we will get this slight advantage. Plus Vorskla will be upset because of the elimination from the Europa League in the last second. This, of course, will play into our hands.

- In the last match with Vorskla, having conceded an opener, Shakhtar managed to score two goals only in the end of the game to pull out a win. What game are you expecting from Vorskla on Sunday?
- It won’t be our first game with Vorskla. Our matches with them are always difficult. Based on our experience, we know that Vorskla are a very strong team, who play great in defense. Therefore, we are now studying their past matches in the championship and recent Europa League tie with Zilina. Unfortunately, I could not see their last game against Slovakia’s side, but I know that it was a very dramatic match.

- Speaking of the European competition. What team did you want to see as Shakhtar’s opponents before the Champions League draw?
- We are in a situation where it makes no sense to choose. All participants who have gone through the previous qualifying round are equally strong. Therefore, I had no particular preference. Probably, we got the team that we should have got. Let's play! While I have little information about Rapid. We must begin to view the videos to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

- What do you know about the Austrian football?
- Teams from the country are tactically acute. I know this because I have already met with the Austrians - in particular, I played against Rapid during my spell with Metallist. They are skilful. But they have weaknesses that we are going to exploit to get into the Champions League group stage.