Mircea Lucescu: We lost two points in a very silly way

Head coach of Shakhtar summed up the match vs Vorskla.

- We lost two points in a very silly way - that's the whole comment. That's our fault, our attitude towards today’s game ... The Shakhtar level team must not concede a goal in the 45th and 92nd minutes! In both cases, there were some major defensive mistakes. Perhaps, given the opportunities we had, the score could have been 6-1. But, unfortunately, that's football ... It’s interesting because everything can change from chance to chance. I want to congratulate Vorskla, who believed in it and fought to the very last second. As a result, they managed to do what they wanted to. I would also like to note the fact that they went through a difficult moment in the match against Zilina. It was hard to recover from such a defeat, while they found the strength to come out being fully prepared for today's game. The point they have claimed today, is well-deserved owing to the way they fought for it. In contrast, we entrusted the roles on the pitch to some footballers who have played less. Still, the season is very long, we need to screen them ... Some of them, probably, did not realize that it's very expensive to perform as meanly as they’ve done today.

- Mr. Lucescu, wasn’t it affected by the fact that Shakhtar had very well played against Fenerbahce? Maybe they underestimated Vorskla or overestimated their own strength?
- I want to note Vorskla. A good, strong team. They demonstrated it in the game against Zilina. Underestimating is irrelevant in this case. We just gave some players a chance to rest. We are facing very challenging games, that’s why we decided to do so. However, the players who were fielded today, have not risen to the level of those who played against Fenerbahce. That's the only explanation. They superficially treated the chances created. They had to convert them, then all this wouldn’t have happened. There was an episode when they played very roughly against Bernard. It was necessary to award the opponent a second card and send him off. Perhaps, that would’ve put an end to all this.

- Still, Shakhtar gave one away before the break. Perhaps, you failed to put it through to the players that one more goal might be insufficient to win. Why did it happen so?
- We should have played in a completely different way at 1-2 in our favour. Apparently, it is necessary to mention Kucer’s error, who passed an aerial ball which was intercepted. In about the same manner Kovpak tried to find the back of the net against Zilina in the dying seconds. Had he crossed it, they would have found themselves one on one with the keeper, held back the ball and Vorskla would have advanced further. Unfortunately, sometimes the players take decisions which are irrelevant to their experience, just as it happened today.