Vasyl Sachko: Guys made errors, but still survived it

Head coach of Vorskla shared his thoughts about the game vs Shakhtar and answered questions from the media.

- Today we played against a very good team – fast and technical. There were allegations that current Shakhtar have been the strongest ever. I can agree: they are really strong. We’ve played three games in the European competitions recently: that’s vs Dnipro and Shakhtar. Today Sasha Tkachenko debuted, the keeper. You know, we have a problem: Nepohodov got injured, Bohush is out. Given the performance produced by Vorskla, I cannot boast that it was some outstanding football, but we thanked the lads for their mettle, for finding the inner strength. It was very difficult to psych up the guys, but they got their act together. It still takes the ability to score two goals against Shakhtar. Of course, we are pleased with the result.

- What’s the injured goalkeepers’ condition?
- They undergo a recovery phase. Hopefully, they start training shortly. Bohush is recovering, Nepohodov is still in hospital, and the doctor reports about his condition daily. Hopefully, he will quickly become operational. God grant. Rumours about the surgery? I do not want to comment on that.

- What result were Vorskla expecting? Lucescu looked upset.
- Just understand that we had a very difficult game against Zilina! The nerves, emotions and agitation the team had two days ago are almost impossible to recover. I couldn’t imagine a different game against Shakhtar, I was concerned about the lads’ lasting for two halves. On our part, there was a lot of mistakes. In this case, there is nothing to say about Shakhtar – they are a super team. The guys made errors, but still survived it. They capitalised on the chance, they scored a goal. We are pleased with that, we are happy. And we never prepared the guys for losing it, that's for sure.

- Your team have numerous issues: losing the ball, many mistakes in midfield. Why does it happen and how can you tackle it?
- I agree that we made many errors. That’s due to fatigue when you cannot control your body, when you lack the power. We do not claim to have Shakhtar’s level: the Pitmen work perfectly well with the ball, with fast players bursting from deep into open spaces, they are top players! Comparing them with the players of Vorskla makes no sense. We have different objectives, different style of play, we are strong through our teamwork, discipline and dedication. While every Brazilian is born with the ball. However, I do not speak ill of my guys, we know their capabilities, but there are things which cannot be trained. Thank you for criticism after the defeat at Zilina! Yes, we have nothing to boast of, but we have not lost to the Slovaks in the return leg. At the same time we gave it so much strength. You cannot teach them to score goals, that’s hard. I used to be a striker and didn’t convert my chances either at times. As for the team and individual training, we are working on that. Unfortunately, there is pressure and fatigue, and all that affects the performance.

- You have a unique opportunity to say hello to the skeptics who said that Shakhtar would claim a 5-0 win.
- I am saying hello to them!

- Please evaluate Tkachenko’s performance, is there any chance for him to become Vorskla’s first-choice keeper?
- We are happy with the goalie’s debut, happy for the guy. I will say more: I am proud of him! Any player has a chance to succeed in Vorskla’s starting XI. Sasha was waiting for his chance, and he got it in the match against Shakhtar. He underwent some conditioning and will remember this match for a lifetime.

- After the failure vs Zilina, you’ve achieved a positive result today, and Kovpak has scored an important goal. Will this game be a turning point for the team and for Kovpak personally?
- We have not lost a single league game! We ‘ve been extending our unbeaten run, and we had a tough fixture calendar: against Dnipro, against Shakhtar. And Volyn are a pretty decent team for today. I am not going to talk about some bad luck. We ourselves have created problems. More importantly, they talk about the team’s fitness, saying that the team is not ready. I can’t agree to that. In every game we create chances, although I do not take into account today's match against Shakhtar as we created just few. In the away game against Zilina, we had to convert that penalty and convert our chances, even if they weren’t numerous. However, there have been some pluses. Of course, we want more. They say that it’s better to lose one match and then win two games than just draw thrice. There is some logic in it. The team get tempered, and they learnt a lesson, with us expecting more from them. We have to be stronger, more confident and to attack them better. But all depends on the opponents – Shakhtar and Dnipro are very decent opponents.

- Can you comment on the reports that Metalist want to see Andriy Mischenko in their ranks?
- They want to see many of our players – not only Metalist, but other clubs as well. Currently, Mischenko has a contract with Vorskla. We might also want to get players from Metalist, but will they release them? We rely on Oleh, but we have the club management, although I know nothing about any official offers. If there are some – we'll talk. The head coach is also involved in deciding on such matters. We’ll see.