Alex Teixeira – best in July

Traditionally, at the end of each month, Shakhtar’s official site has determined the best player of the Pitmen.

10 former players of the Donetsk club took part in the poll, the same number of media representatives and visitors of the official site. A player received 1 point for each vote from a former player and a journalist, for third place in the poll on the website – 2 points, for second and first – 3 and 5 respectively.                                                                           

In July, the experts highlighted the performance of Fred and Ivan Ordets – 1 point, Taison – 2 points, Andriy Pyatov, Viktor Kovalenko and Darijo Srna – 3 points each. Alex Teixeira has been named the best player of Shakhtar last month by the poll participants. He received 17 points.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
We bring you the votes in each group.

Shakhtar’s former players:

Gennadiy Zubov - Alex Teixeira;
Viktor Grachev - Alex Teixeira;
Gennadiy Orbu - Alex Teixeira;
Yuriy Degterev - Andriy Pyatov;
Mikhail Starostyak - Alex Teixeira;
Oleg Matveyev - Fred;
Sergei Kravchenko - Andriy Pyatov;
Yuriy Dudinskiy - Ivan Ordets;
Yuriy Virt - Andriy Pyatov;
Sergei Yaschenko - Taison.

Alex Teixeira - 4 points;
Andriy Pyatov - 3 points;
Fred - 1 point;
Ivan Ordets - 1 point;
Taison - 1 point.                            

As for the website audience, a total of 1,584 fans took part in the poll. So, the third place belongs to Darijo Srna with 97 (6.12%) votes. This result gives the Pitmen’s captain 2 points in the overall ranking. The second spot belongs to Viktor Kovalenko with 124 (7.83%) votes - 3 points. By a large margin wins Alex Teixeira – he was named player of the month by 1079 (68.12%) fans. Thus, the Brazilian midfielder gets 5 points in the overall vote.

The best player of Shakhtar in July?
Alex Teixeira - 1,079 (68.12%) - 5 points
Victor Kovalenko - 124 (7.83%) - 3 points
Darijo Srna - 97 (6.12%) - 2 points
Total votes: 1,584


Oleksandr Haponenko, website editor - Alex Teixeira;
Andriy Nedbailo, website editor - Alex Teixeira;
Dmytro Durnev, Moskovsky Komsomolets in Donbas newspaper editor - Darijo Srna;
Eduard Kiselyov, Sport-Arena newspaper editor - Alex Teixeira;
Volodymyr Kramar, Futbol channel reporter - Alex Teixeira;
Ruslan Mezhenskyi, Komsomolskaya Pravda v Ukraine newspaper, sports unit editor - Alex Teixeira;
Oleksandr Tkach, website editor - Taison;
Vyacheslav Kulchytskyi, Sport-Ekspress v Ukraine newspaper staff correspondent - Alex Teixeira;
Kostyantyn Dovhan, website editor - Alex Teixeira;
Valentyn Tsymokh, Sport-Ekspress v Ukraine newspaper reporter - Alex Teixeira.

Alex Teixeira - 8 points;
Darijo Srna - 1 point;
Taison - 1 point.