Marlos: The sense of responsibility increased

Shakhtar midfielder answered the questions from journalists.

- This Friday you are facing a very important game. How did you prepare for it?
- Right you are, we are anticipating a tough match. All this time we have been preparing for it very seriously. I think we will bw able to beat Dnipro. Especially in the light of our most recent league game, which ended in a draw ... It wasn’t that pleasant, we need to correct it.

- How did it happen that in the meeting in Poltava you gave one away in the dying minutes and lost so important points?
- We lacked some concentration. But in case of Shakhtar team, this just should not happen. So we are analysing our mistakes in order not to make them in the future. And we’ve been working so hard to claim the win on Friday.

- Shakhtar’s current schedule is very busy: the Champions League qualification, the domestic league. The game following that with Dnipro is against Rapid. Will this match be harder than that against Dnepropetrovsk, according to you?
- Frankly speaking, we started to prepare for such a schedule back in the pre-season. We knew that we would have to meet pretty tough opponents. So we practised many things in training. I think we are fully prepared for the matches against Dnipro and Rapid.

- Dnipro have been seesawing lately: the situation with Myron Markevych ... He coached you at Metalist, do you think the general situation will affect Dnipro’s performance?
- I will put it like this: Markevych is a great coach having very skilled players. He is always surrounded by just a magic atmosphere. If our opponents are currently experiencing some issues, perhaps this will be a plus for us. But still, we need to be prepared for any surprises.

- Haven’t Dnipro got any weaker, taking into account the departure of several key players?
- Of course, that's a difficult situation: when something happens around the coach or the players leave, of course, the team get weaker. But there are still quite skilled players remaining at Dnipro, who can show their mettle and cause us difficulties.

- This season, you've become the first team regular. How does it affect you psychologically? Has it got easier, or you feel increased responsibility and have to keep yourself in good shape more?
- Basically, I feel the same way as before. The only thing that has increased is the sense of responsibility. I am grateful that I’ve got this chance. I'll work on and, hopefully, I will appear in the starting line-up in the same fashion.

- A few first-team regulars left Shakhtar, who the game was built around. While Rinat Akhmetov, Mister and Darijo Srna say that today's team is one of the strongest. Do you feel it, being one of the team for the second year now?
- Yes, I can feel it. We have a very close-knit team. Perhaps we’ve been closer to each other than ever. We awe all this, of course, to Mister, who can get it through to everyone and instil in us the things we need and the things we should do. That is why a very good atmosphere has been reigning here these days.

Let us remind you that Shakhtar vs Dnipro game will be held at Chornomorets stadium in Odesa at 19:00 on August 14. Tickets for the game are on sale.