Oleksandr Gladkyy: Hopefully, our match will be attended by many fans

Shakhtar forward speaks about the upcoming meeting vs Dnipro.

- In the match against Dnipro, you just need to rehabilitate yourselves. What kind of performance are you expecting from the opponents, given the situation with Myron Markevych?
- I expect that tomorrow Dnipro will be showing their own game. It’s true that in the previous rounds, they didn’t play that well, but still Dnipro are a very strong team, having an experienced coach. And their problems should not worry us. We have our own objectives and our own goals, which we must achieve no matter what.

- Did the loss of two points in the match against Vorskla upset the team ...
- Of course, it was unpleasant to play 2-2 in Poltava. We lost two points, although we deserved more. But we are the only ones to blame, and no one else. We made appropriate conclusions after it, and now we must try to avoid the same mistakes. Giving one away in the dying minutes of each half is, of course, tough and unpleasant. But most importantly, we have analysed and understood it. Life goes on. So, as I said before, we need to go out in every game with the maximum commitment, regardless of the opponents and their problems, and to claim the three points.

- In connection with the fact that several leading players left Dnipro, what is the team’s biggest strength now?
- Dnipro have always been famous for their teamwork. Yes, Konoplyanka left, I also read that Kalinic and Kankava are about to leave as well ... But, I'm telling you, we should not be concerned over that. They still have a very good team with such strong players like Ruslan Rotan, Yevhen Seleznyov, Matheus, who at any moment can show their leadership qualities and lead their teammates. With the departure of some guys, the others can fulfil themselves. We should not look at their problems. That’s been exaggerated too much. Dnipro have a very strong team with a good selection of players, even after the departure of Yevhen Konoplyanka. The Dnipropetrovsk side have some other talented players. They lost something, but gained something else instead.

- Why do Shakhtar and Dnipro traditionally have challenging games?
- Recently, the Dnepropetrovsk team have become one of the domestic football giants. Previously, we only had the Shakhtar vs Dynamo derby, while now Dnipro have also joined the title race.

- At the start, they lost seven points ...
- It’s just the beginning of the season now, it is not worth paying any attention to. The league season is long. Anyone can lose at certain moment, make mistakes. We need to look just at ourselves  and solve our own problems.

- You are facing two major encounters: with Dnipro and with Rapid. How do you prepare for that?
- At the moment, all our thoughts are focused on the game vs Dnipro. We should produce good performance, claim the three points, only then we will be thinking about the meeting with Rapid.

- Do you count on the support of fans in Odesa?
- Of course we do! We will be very happy to see them all at the stadium. I hope many people will come and the atmosphere will be excellent. They always support us well in this city. It is very nice to play there. We believe that they will be rooting for us.

Let us remind you that Shakhtar vs Dnipro game will be held at Chornomorets stadium in Odesa at 19:00 on August 14. Tickets for the game are on sale