Igor Leonov: We are expecting the meeting with numerous attacks

Shakhtar defender of the 1990s shared his opinion about the upcoming match Shakhtar vs Dnipro.

- The Pitmen must focus on this game now. These opponents have never been easy, especially as now the team of Myron Markevych rank amongst the Ukrainian League’s top 3 sides. They have many players of European level. Definitely the encounter will be tough, but I believe that Shakhtar are the favourites of this meeting.

- How does Konoplyanka’s departure affect Dnipro’s performance?
- Yevhen has undoubtedly been a key player at the club. However, Markevych has many more top class players, so I think they will find a worthy replacement for Konoplyanka.

- Will the fact that the match is going to be held in Odesa, help Shakhtar in any way?
- In my opinion, the host city will not be of much importance. Shakhtar played the whole season in Lviv, being well familiar with everything there. In Odesa, they also have a great stadium, I played there for the veterans. So there is no major difference. It would be a different thing if we were talking about the games at the Donbass Arena, only in this case Shakhtar would enjoy an additional advantage.

- Are you expecting to see open football played by both teams? Or, rather, a cautious meeting awaits us?
- I think that neither side will drop deep down their half, so we are expecting an interesting meeting with numerous attacks. Both clubs love and know how to play offensively.

Let us remind you that Shakhtar vs Dnipro game will be held at Chornomorets stadium in Odesa at 19:00 on August 14Tickets for the game are on sale.