U21. Shakhtar vs Dnipro: players’ view

The Pitmen have reflected on the match with Dnipro.

Mykola Matvienko, Shakhtar defender:

- Everyone knew how serious the game with Dnipro would be. I trained mostly with the first team, but I knew that throughout the week the youth team were painstakingly preparing for the match. Coaches were telling that the opponents would go back and wait for our mistakes. Pre-match instructions lasted longer than usual - 40 minutes. Everything panned out well on the pitch. I already had experience of playing with Serhiy Kryvtsov; we have good understanding. We help each other with tips, it helps a lot in terms of the organisation of the game. Five wins should not relax the youth team – on the contrary, I think that it will rally the boys even more. This is a stimulus to continue in the same spirit.

Igor Kiryukhantsev, Shakhtar U21 defender:

- We controlled the ball well and a lot of things worked out. Our midfielders were constantly finding free zones, where accurate passes were made into. Dnipro played defensive football, and such formation of full-backs – Ismaily and me – there was an opportunity to join attacks. On my right side, there was much more space especially after the removal of Dnipro’s player; I had more room to maneuver. We are happy with our game. The opponents were very serious but it was important to show that we were stronger, to show that we are Shakhtar.

Artem Gabelok, Shakhtar U21 midfielder:

- We analysed Dnipro very carefully, watched a few games of the opponents’, and played exactly as planned. Well, we may not be one hundred per cent satisfied with all the actions on the field, but we still showed football of high level, the mood is excellent, the result is wonderful. We are good at making through passes and playing high balls into free zones. Today, I set up Gryn for our second goal. Serhiy is a very fast player, the main thing is to provide him with comfortable passes. I like to make goal assists. I always make them, if I know that my team-mate is in a better position. Five wins in a row? When you win, it would be desirable to continue that streak. And here it is not necessary to talk about wool-gathering - we continue to work hard.