Mircea Lucescu: Players were already in Austria in their thoughts

Head coach of Shakhtar commented on the game vs Dnipro.

- First of all, my congratulations to our opponents: they fought for this result and achieved what they wanted. We attacked more than they did, but we weren’t that attentive in the closing phase. While Dnipro had some good counterattacks. Up to 80 minutes the score remained 0-0, and the episode with Ferreira was a clear penalty. Just now we have once again viewed the episode on the monitor. There were other things in the opposition penalty area: fouls on Gladkyy and Teixeira ... The referee decided not to award a penalty. Last year’s story recurs. In the matches against our immediate rivals - in this case against Dnipro - because of the refereeing, as today, perhaps the league season’s outcome is decided. Just very few games to recover those losses then. And the games between us are refereed in a shameful manner.

- Please assess Ordets’ actions. At certain moments, it seemed that he was nervous. There were a few situations involving Seleznyov, where he wasn’t always quick enough.
- Not only Ordets, many players performed below the level everyone expects them to. This concerns, first and foremost, our defensive performance in today's match. But that, again, is not that important. It is clear that the players were already in Austria in their thoughts. We can hope to win, if we change our game and operate very differently from today. Again, the game was even. There were scoring situations near both goals. Maybe in real time mode at the stadium it wasn’t seen, but now we’ve watched it on TV - definitely there were fouls that must have been penalised by spot kicks. I do not want to complain about the refereeing every time. First of all, the referee must answer why he hasn’t awarded those spot kicks. Once again, my congratulations to Dnipro. They fought for every ball in today's meeting and made use of our nervousness. Of course, I am dissatisfied with Shevchuk’s act. The player of his age just can’t act like that and let the team down. This, of course, helped them to score the second goal. He is just the one who should have been in that zone.

- What can you say about the fans’ support? Would you like to play the next match in Odesa?
- I very much liked the audience. Not so often over the recent eighteen months have we heard the audience support us. It’s a pity they left the stadium being unsatisfied. That’s a very negative point. Again, the fans have been just terrific today, and we heard the support addressed to us. Definitely we will come here again. I can’t just not come to Odesa again because of some ref. I am sure that there will be a more normal officiating in other games. This only happens versus our rivals: Dnipro and Dynamo. The entire half of the season is like that. In the previous game between Kyiv and Dnipro, they officiated in favour of Dynamo, and today – in favour of Dnipro. For a year and a half I’ve been struggling that we have more head-to-head encounters amongst ourselves. Someone does not like it. We say this, although we play without our audiences. Today is the first time when the stands have been with us.

- Oleksandr Gladkyy let numerous chances slip away. How dissatisfied are you with his actions on the pitch and the team’s offence in general?
- He played poorly in a word. He took the wrong decisions. There were situations that should have been interpreted differently. Also, there was a moment – maybe you’ll watch it later - when Gladkyy was blocking it with his body in the air and Bezus pushed him from behind. This is also an episode to be reviewed.