Shakhtar magazine: the latest issue

Dear fans, the new issue of Shakhtar magazine is out now.

The issue starts with an address by the club president Rinat Akhmetov to the readers:

– A few players who have done a lot for the team, left Shakhtar upon completion of the season. Douglas Costa moved to Bayern, Luiz Adriano went to Milan, Fernando headed to Sampdoria. Ilsinho’s contract expired. I want to say a sincere thank you to all these players for the years spent at Shakhtar. Their dedication and skill helped the team to win many trophies. But at the same time, some young players, our Academy graduates, have joined the team. They are talented guys, we pin our hopes on them. Even presently, they have been delivering top-quality performance. And I am convinced that progressing every day, they will bring Shakhtar many brilliant wins.

A special place in the publication belongs to the piece timed to coincide with Mircea Lucescu’s birthday. You will have the opportunity to look at the achievements of the Pitmen’s head coach in a new light. Besides, make sure you don’t miss the exclusive selection of rare photographs of Mister.

The club’s medical department head Artur Glushchenko told us about the twenty years of work at Shakhtar, about injuries and risks, as well as the physical characteristics of players in his exclusive interview:

- Among those same Brazilians, there are some more enduring and less enduring players. Or, let’s take the Africans. Among them, there are stayers - they can run long distances, over huge spaces, but they lack some explosive performance or dashing. And there are other guys who are prone to sprint. Aghahowa was like that: fast, sharp, but less enduring. Talking about medicals, there are absolute and relative contraindications to sports. In the first case, we are totally against the signing of the contract, in the second case we inform the club management about the fact that the player has a high risk of injuries. Medicine does not stand still. If previously aortic insufficiency was considered to be a relative contraindication, then now, on the contrary, it is believed that the first degree of the disease contributes to a good adaptability of the heart to workloads.

The commentator of Futbol 1 and Futbol 2 TV channels Andriy Malinovskyi shared his opinion about the prospects of Shakhtar in the new season in his copyright material:

- I want to exemplify the topic of departure of the team leaders with a revealing case when Zinedine Zidane left Juventus. Alessio Tacchinardi said back then: ‘It’s a bit easier for all of us now, because we all are kind of Zidane now’. Adapting this situation to our case, it seems to me that everyone at Shakhtar are Douglas Costa and Luiz Adriano a bit. Because their roles have been quite evenly distributed among those guys who shape the team’s performance this new season. For Shakhtar this is an evolutionary process, and it’s not new at all. Major figures left, and the team always remained at their best and retained their competitive ability. Moreover, I have a feeling that the team ‘unloaded’ and became lighter in a good way.

In one of the permanent columns of the magazine, you can get acquainted with the Pitmen’s young defender Mykola Matviienko. In the recent past, the UEFA Youth League finalist, and the current first-team player told us about his first steps in football, about changing roles on the field and about his character traits.

The new issue also features a set of the most striking facts about Oleksandr Kucher at Shakhtar, the history of the team’s performance in the Champions League qualifying stage and some other exclusive pieces. Shakhtar magazine is available for download. Enjoy reading it!