Thanos Petsos: I’ve dreamed of Champions League anthem since childhood

At a press conference before the match vs Shakhtar, Rapid midfielder answered the questions from journalists.

- Tomorrow, the Champions League anthem will go over the pitch. How does this influence the team’s mood, alongside the fact that the club to make it to the group stage will receive 14 million euros?
- That’s a big amount, but first, we need to focus on the game. As you’ve just said, the Champions League anthem will go tomorrow, there will certainly be a great atmosphere in the stadium. I’ve dreamed of that since childhood and I’m really looking forward to the match.

- It’s your third year at Rapid, and now you are facing a very important match ...
- Yes indeed. Over the time I’ve been playing here, following the meeting with Dynamo Kyiv, this is probably the most difficult match for Rapid. Let's see how we play tomorrow. But I want to note that our team have no fear. We have confidence in our ability and look forward to the match itself.

- Thanos, is there any plan for tomorrow's game? What objectives does the manager set for the team?
- We want to play the way we always do. There is no particular game plan. First of all, we have to showcase our teamwork, demonstrate our usual football, despite the outcome and the course of the game. Of course, it will be very difficult. We'll have to give our hundred percent.

- What would you say about the fact that the team often concede goals?
- No matter what, I think that everything depends on us tomorrow. We’ve seen it in our last match against Sturm. After our team conceded two goals, they managed to equalise. Such is the attitude and morale of our team. We operate quite openly and charge forward. If someone of the guys is not focused, they can score a goal against us, but the main thing is attacking and returning the favour then.

- Rapid have made it past Ajax, although they haven’t been the favourites in those matches. Can that experience help you in the encounter with Shakhtar?
- Ajax and Shakhtar are top quality teams with good players. In this respect they are similar. While Ajax has young players, Shakhtar has experienced players. Therefore, tomorrow, we will really need the knowledge and skills we got in the meetings with Ajax.