Oleksandr Kucher: Rapid players complement each other well

The Pitmen’s defender answered the journalists’ questions at a press conference before the match.

- What can you say about the upcoming game? Have you studied the opposition forwards well?
- Of course, we understand that it will be a difficult match. The opponents display a quality game, they make great transitions from defence to attack. Rapid boast strong attacking trio. Of course, we have studied them. We have prepared. We will try to achieve a positive result.

- Today, Rapid’s coach has said that Shakhtar have to reach the group stage of the Champions League, and they, Rapid, only want that. Does your status of match favourites create additional pressure?
- We understand that everyone thinks that Shakhtar are favourites and that we have already made it to the next stage. We have to take to the pitch to give our all and get the result we need.

- Has the game with Dnipro deprived you of positive, victorious mood, or, on the contrary, has it helped you mobilise in a good way?
- Dnipro have shown us some of the mistakes that we made in that game. But I think we should forget about that encounter. We have drawn conclusions and now are preparing for the match against Rapid.

- Which of Rapid players do you know, and whom would you single out?
- As I said, I don’t want to single anyone out, because this team are balanced, the players complement each other well on the football field. And the trio of attackers, of course, interact well upfront. We have to pay extremely close attention to them.