Valeriy Rudakov: Kyiv team’s motivation will be just sky-high

Shakhtar midfielder of the 1970s-1980s shared his vision of the Pitmen’s upcoming Ukrainian Cup tie.

- Arsenal-Kyiv are receiving one of the best teams in the country, their motivation will be just sky-high. This encounter gives Kyiv a good opportunity to show their strengths. They will make every effort to cause a sensation. And the fact of how the club will manage to counteract the Pitmen largely depends on how the players cope with agitation.

- Valeriy Viktorovych, you are well familiar with Second League sides. What, above all, should Shakhtar beware of in the upcoming match? Going back to the past season, the match against Obolon-Brovar proved difficult for the Donetsk team.
- Well-trained professional footballers play for Arsenal-Kyiv. So, Shakhtar need good concentration and, of course, there should be no room for complacency. Kyiv will try to park the bus and counterattack. At the same time, the Pitmen should fulfil their class edge just as quickly as possible.

- Are we likely to expect some tough and even rough play from the opponents?
- Yes, of course. We will see numerous challenges for the ball. Shakhtar have fast and technically skilled guys. Probably, Arsenal-Kyiv will fail to follow them in some episodes and foul as a consequence.

- We shouldn’t rule out the possibility of Mircea Lucescu allowing some key players to take rest...
- I am sure just this will actually happen. Fortunately, we have an ample and quality substitute bench, so there are enough players to adequately replace the team leaders. I think the same Kovalenko and Malyshev will prove themselves – it's a great opportunity for them.