Mircea Lucescu: Today, there's been no need for substitutions

Head coach of Shakhtar reflects on the match against Arsenal-Kyiv.

- It's hard to comment on anything regarding today's game. We just bossed it. Honestly, I had expected that the match would be much harder. It was clear that the opponents would defend and sometimes try to counterattack. Overall it was a good training for those players who had not played in Vienna. It is good that these games are not held both away and at home, comprising just one meeting instead.

- Mister, you haven’t made a single substitution...
- Yes, I did it on purpose, for the players to perform for 90 minutes on the pitch. Today, there's been no need for substitutions. The rest of the players had a full training session this morning - even the substitution players. We have a very important game on Tuesday.