Taison: In the match vs Rapid our style of play won’t change

Shakhtar midfielder shared his thoughts about the upcoming Champions League meeting.

- Taison, the group stage is one step away. Does this further motivate you or, conversely, puts you under pressure?
- For us the main thing now is getting things done and making it into the Champions League group stage. Therefore, the match will be nearly the most important one for us this year. We are fully focused on the game and we will try our best!

- Taking into account the result of the first leg in Vienna, will Shakhtar proceed with caution or can we expect an attacking style of play?
- No matter the away result, the meeting will begin with the 0-0 score. Our style of play will not change, we will act in the same way as we did in Vienna.

- In Austria, you had a very tough match with a great many yellow cards. Do you expect a similar thing in Lviv?
- It will be a very tough game. We will try not to get yellow cards. And the main thing is preventing our guys from injuries, as it happened in the first game.

- In the first game you managed to neutralise Beric. Will you pay more attention to him this time either?
- We must operate just as we did in the first game. There, we showed good football and managed to score. In the return game we should do the same – there’s no need to invent anything new.

- Zoran Barisic said that the error of Rapid was the fact that they had little control of the ball and that they need to pay more attention to this aspect. What will Shakhtar match them with?
- We have to think about our game. We will see Rapid’s game plan already on the field. Most importantly, we should deliver some outstanding football, control the ball well and convert our chances.

- If tomorrow Rapid start attacking from the off, you should get some open spaces. Is it good for Shakhtar?
- For us it is very good, because in this case we will be able to counterattack, quickly deliver the ball into those spaces and advance towards the opposition goal.

- Following the last game’s outcome, what’s Rapid’s biggest danger?
- The last game was tough, harsh and full of challenges. This probably is the biggest difficulty. But our goal is reaching the group stage of the Champions League. We will try to do our best for that.

- Do you expect that in Lviv it will be harder against Rapid than in the second leg against Fenerbahce?
- Of course I do. But, as I’ve mentioned, we need to focus on our game, formation and technique. That’s exactly what’s important for us, not the way the opponents will perform.

Let us remind you that Shakhtar vs Rapid match kicks off in Lviv at 21:45 on August 25. Tickets for the game are on sale now.