Steffen Hofmann: Shakhtar have very clever attacking line

Captain of Rapid took part in the pre-match press conference, answering questions from the media.

- How would you comment on the fact of your playing in Ukraine. What do you feel about it? And what should you do to win on Tuesday?
- It is noteworthy that we’ve been playing for the third time in this country in recent years. We are committed to winning and will make every effort to achieve our goal.

- The first leg scoreline (0- 1) makes Rapid think of the win only. Will the team attack from the off or play cautiously?
- Yes, we are really determined to win and believe that we can achieve this. Even though Shakhtar are very strong opponents, we will make every effort to achieve the desired result.

- Again, given the result of the first leg, you will have to attack more, which can result in open spaces on your half of the field. Everyone knows how Shakhtar can make use of spaces. What ways do you see to hold back the fast and skilful Pitmen?
- We perfectly know how good Shakhtar are offensively. This line is the team is built in a very smart way, having good control of the ball. Well, we have nothing left to do but create our scoring chances, and I am sure that we will use this chance.

- Who of Shakhtar players caused your team the biggest problems in the first meeting?
- Shakhtar boast a lot of good players! Primarily, the four attacking players come to my mind – they are highly skilled guys. But in general I must say that the Donetsk team simply have no weak players.

Let us remind you that Shakhtar vs Rapid match kicks off in Lviv at 21:45 on August 25. Tickets for the game are on sale now.