Zoran Barisic: Shakhtar turned in a magnificent performance

At the press conference, Rapid manager shared his take on the game against Shakhtar and answered questions from the media.

- It’s very difficult to analyse the past game just hotfoot, but first of all I want to congratulate Shakhtar who have turned in a magnificent performance. The Pitmen’s aggregate win did not lie on the surface, it just proved to be well-deserved. And my team played impressively, and I'm proud of that. I think our fans can also be proud of them.

- How sad is the defeat for you, given that Rapid were within just a millimetre from achieving their goal?
- In this situation – I mean the second leg’s ending – the result is really bitter for us. But we tried to play openly, we put maximum effort in it, we just weren’t always able to finish off the moves. Football is like that – today luck was not on our side. What I can still do is just congratulating Shakhtar on the win. Meanwhile, we have enough room for improvement, for analysing our mistakes and moving on.

- Have Rapid really given their all? And can we say that the team lost the group stage berth back in Vienna?
- No, I would not categorically say that everything was lost for us in Vienna. Our players fought to the bitter end. At the same time I want to note that our team is very young, therefore, we have enough stuff to work on.

- How much are you disappointed with not reaching your goal? And in what competition the Champions League or Europa League – could your team better develop their qualities?
- I do not want to build any hypotheses – let bygones be bygones. Yes, we have not attained our goal and, of course, are very disappointed. And the future games will prompt us the way for development.

- After this failure, don’t you have any concerns that the team will break or that there will be speculation about the top players moving to other clubs?
- Anythign can happen – the transfer window is open through late August. Other clubs are really interested in our players, and it's a positive thing. It’s bad when on the contrary, they do not pay pay any attention to our players. But I must say that Rapid are a cohesive team, and that we have prospects.

- Sonnleitner after getting the second yellow card just tore off and threw away the captain's armband while leaving the pitch. Was that just emotional or does it reflect his attitude towards the club and the team?
- I would say that it was emotional. The player was disappointed after leaving the field in the crucial moments. Anyone in that situation would have a hard time. Yes, he is the captain, but he is also a human who tend to succumb to feelings.

- How will this failure affect the internal situation in the team? Can there arise any performance issues?
- We're still going to talk with the players regarding this issue – we will need to analyse everything in detail. As for the future of the team... This defeat is really tough for us, but it, I'm sure, won’t break the players. Challenges make us stronger, and it is necessary to look for something positive in it.