Shakhtar vs Rapid: players’ view

The Pitmen have shared their impressions of the game with the Austrian team.

Marlos, Shakhtar midfielder:

- I am glad to have managed to score in two games against Rapid. This team definitely bring me happiness. Although, my first goal was still more beautiful than the other. There was more improvisation: I had to turn around to score. In general, all the matches in the Champions League have been difficult, especially today’s one. Therefore, during the break, Mister asked us to remain calm. Yes, we conceded two goals in a row; when you do it in the first half, it is hard for any team. Therefore, it was necessary to concentrate, act with confidence and make rational decisions. We knew that we faced a very aggressive team, but, thank God, we have advanced to the next stage.

Yaroslav Rakytskyy, Shakhtar defender:

- Perhaps, today's game was the most difficult one on our way to the group stage. As soon as we scored, we immediately conceded two goals. Indeed, we were instructed to keep a clean sheet. But that was how things unfolded... It was logical that the opponents were going forward, counterattacked - they had to come back into the game. Rapid looked stronger today than in the last match. Especially in the second half. In the first half we had five goal scoring opportunities: a three versus one situation, a three versus two situation, but we but failed to convert our chances. But the most important thing is that we scored two goals against Rapid to book our place at the Champions League group stage! Yes, we were lucky to some extent. But we had suffered from bad luck on so many occasions.  We have been living away from home for a more than a year, constantly being on a plane – all of that has an effect. So, luckily, we have reached the next phase.

Taras Stepanenko, Shakhtar midfielder:

- All four of our recent games have been hard, but this match has been the most nervous one. We were too focused on keeping a clean sheet, as a result we made many mistakes that are not peculiar to our team. In the first half we controlled the game, though we conceded two goals. At the end of the second half, Rapid created two dangerous chances when they were already reduced to ten men. I made a mistake in the episode when Beric took a headed shot. I passed the ball to Fred, but I hit it too hard. As for the free kick, it should not have been awarded. We often have no luck in these cases, but, fortunately, this time luck was on our side.