U21. Shakhtar vs Metalurh Z: players’ view

The Pitmen have shared views on the game with Metalurh Zaporizhzhya U21.

Mykhailo Shyshka, Shakhtar U21 captain:
- The game was hard. Despite a low place in the table, Metalurh are showing very good football, they create constant pressure all over the field. We planned our tactics based on that: we used counterattacks, passed the ball from flank to flank. There was a nervousness in our actions when we couldn’t take control of the ball during 15 minutes. Then we streamlined our passing game, things started to work out. I think, only after the third goal it was possible to take a breather, although in the beginning of the second half Metalurh had a good chance. If they had scored, the game may have turned out to be different. Our winning streak doesn’t make us complacent; the coaches keep the team in good shape all the time, so we try to win in every match, not only against our opponents but also ourselves – psychologically.

Ihor Sukhaninskiy, Shakhtar U21 striker:
- Unfortunately, today I failed to convert  a great chance. It happens in football, I will work on it, the attacker has to score - it's his job. Taking to the pitch in the starting line-up is easier, you feel more confident. I took to the pitch in the second half when it was 3-0, but the match was really difficult. Exactly the same will certainly be in the UEFA Youth League, I hope to play there for the U19 side.

Dmytro Steflyuk, Shakhtar U21 defender:
- We were preparing very seriously for this game, watched the last couple of games of Metalurh during theory sessions to understand the tactics of the opponents. Metalurh control the ball very well, but we forced them to make mistakes, closing them down very high up the pitch. Nevertheless, our defence had enough work to do, and on my left wing opponents the opponents forced me to work hard, I had to run a lot. Sixth victory in a row is an indicator of our attitude, and we intend to continue to go on like this. The team are playing really well, and it pleases all of us.