Shakhtar vs Metalurh: players’ view

Players of the Donetsk team have reflected on the match with Metalurh.

Darijo Srna, Shakhtar captain:

- It was a deserved a victory and two deserved penalty kicks. The referee saw those episodes well: the first and second ones. Thanks to Bogdan Sarnavsky for coming to the rescue. Not to say that I was going to foul intentionally. I noticed that there was a player. I wanted to play the ball, but brought down the defender – a clear penalty. Referee officiated the game well. What happened with my hip? The ball hit the nerve, and now the hip hurts. You know, if we had not won today, I would be very upset. Once again I want to thank Bohdan and the boys. I cannot say that we played badly, we had a lot of chances. But the best football player of the match is Metalurh’s goalkeeper.

Azevedo, Shakhtar defender:

- I feel that my responsibility on the field increased. Now the whole team give their best, not just me. I am very happy that we won today, and I would like to thank Mister for believing in me. The game with Rapid was very tough, and there was not much time to recover. But as you see, we managed to recover and win. Although this game was very tense, short passing, which can confuse any player. I want to praise Bohdan Sarnavskyy, who saved a penalty kick. It helped us a lot! But I would note that both penalty kicks have been appointed fairly.

Alex Teixeira, Shakhtar midfielder:

- I have resumed my goal-scoring streak, now I have seven goals scored. Today’s game was hard, probably because we have recently played a game with Rapid. But that's no excuse. Especially since there were a lot of new players on the pitch. Our team showed a fine performance. Special thanks to Bohdan for the fact that he came to rescue us at the end of the match. But honestly, we played a little slow this time. If we had moved more energetically, we would have created more scoring opportunities and maybe we would have scored more goals. When I took a penalty kick, I was very upset. However, I pulled myself together, and hit it accurately. Darijo told me to calm down for everything  to pan out well. And so it happened. Three minutes before the end of normal time we conceded a penalty kick. We understood that in any case we had to avoid a draw. Fortunately, Bohdan saved us. By the way, largely thanks to Sarnavskyy we managed to score the second goal. His save caused an emotional outburst. We orchestrated a counterattack; Marlos made a good pass to me, and I sent the ball into the net.