Happy Miner's Day and Donetsk City Day!

In the last weekend of August, two significant events are traditionally marked: the Donetsk City Day and the Miner’s Day.

The history of our football club is inextricably and always linked with Donetsk and a proud profession of a miner. The work of miners, who are risking their lives and mining coal daily, enjoy special attitude and respect. Our most loyal fans live in Donbas; they are always together with Shakhtar in their hearts and souls, at all times, in joy and sorrow. Only thanks to their support, Shakhtar win and move forward. Our roots are in Donbas!

On this festive day, FC Shakhtar President Rinat Akhmetov addressed citizens and all miners of Donetsk:

- Mining is one of the most heroic and the most courageous professions. Your work represents the highest professionalism. It's a huge responsibility. This is sincere devotion to the work you love. Today, in the Donbas, miners are risking their lives like never before. Dangers on the ground have been added to dangers underground. Mining became a daily feat 24 hours a day. I want to say thank you for your selfless work, for providing heat that people need, for making the entire country warm. I am honoured that our team bear a proud name of Shakhtar. My dear Donetsk residents, today we have a double holiday: the City Day and the Miner’s Day. Please accept my most sincere greetings and wishes of peace and goodness.

FC Shakhtar joins the club president and wishes all the fans a happy Miner's Day and the City Day!

FC Shakhtar