Shakhtar’s players greeted fans

Players addressed Donbas residents.

Yaroslav Rakytskyy, Shakhatr defender:

- Donetsk is my favourite city! I think about it every day, I would never trade it for any other city and would never betray it! I like people who live in Donetsk, I like the mentality of Donbas. I treat all the miners with great respect – our team bear a proud name! I worry a lot about all that is happening today in my homeland. But I know that the peace will come, Donbas will rise from the ashes and we, Donbas people, will be even more united after what we have gone through. I wish all my fellow Donetsk residents welfare, sound health and, most importantly, I hope that the war will end soon. I want the people of my home town, my region, to be the happiest people. And we, Shakhtar, will come back home and will bring only joy to our fans.

Darijo Srna, Shakhtar captain, defender:

- Dear residents of Donetsk! Dear residents of Donbas! The Miner's Day is one of the most important holidays of the year. Only very brave and courageous people can risk their lives every day, going down in the mine. I would like to shake the hand of every miner and am sincerely proud that Shakhtar bear a name of such a respected profession. I am honoured to be part of the team from the capital of miners’ region. The roots give strength. Shakhtar’s home is Donetsk, Donbass Arena. I would like to wish my dear fellow citizens of Donetsk peace, sound health and faith! Shakhtar and Donetsk are inseparable.

Andriy Pyatov, Shakhtar goalkeeper:

- It's hard to put into words all the kind wishes, which I want to convey to Donetsk and Donbas. The Miner's Day has always been a great event for us. Probably, none of the holidays is marked in Donetsk in such a large scale manner as this one! Unfortunately, in the current situation, there is no place for celebrations in Donbas. But I still sincerely greet all our miners, real hard workers who risk their lives daily to get coal for the country. I would like to bow to each miner and I wish, first of all, peace and patience. Hopefully, things will improve. I am hugging and missing you!

Alex Teixeira, Shakhtar midfielder:

- I would like to greet each miner personally as well as the entire Donbas. After spending five years in the team, I feel like one of you. I hope that peace will soon come to Donbas and all the citizens will be happy!

Oleksandr Kucher, Shakhtar defender:

- I would like to greet the residents and all the miners of Donbas with a great holiday! In these difficult times, I wish every home peace, kindness, warmth and well-being. We really miss our hometown. I am sure when Shakhtar return to Donetsk, we will be even closer and stronger. A happy holiday, dear residents of Donetsk! A happy holiday, dear miners!