Eduardo: It’s difficult against Karpaty until the first goal

On the eve of the match with Karpaty Lviv, the Pitmen’s defender has granted an interview to the official website.

- Given your great experience of playing in Ukraine, how have Karpaty changed over the time?
- Karpaty were and remain Karpaty. It is always difficult with them. It is a strong team, well prepared physically, with an excellent coach. I've met Igor Jovicevic - he has a modern coaching look at the game, football as a whole, as well as Shakhtar do. As for us, in the last 9-10 league matches, we have won 4-0, 6-1, 7-1. I hope this time we will win. Usually, it is hard to play with Karpaty until the first goal. Then, it gets easier.

- You have mentioned that you know Igor Jovicevic. What do you make of him as a coach and as a person?
- I met him many years ago, when he was overseeing Karpaty’s transfer policy. I talked to him in Lviv. Igor is a very good, positive person, with excellent preparation. I know that he played for Real Madrid U21.

- How has Karpaty’s game changed with his arrival?
- The players have started to operate more freely, they improvise. Igor Jovicevic promotes technical football.

- For Shakhtar it will be the third match in a short time - just over a week. Is it hard to play with such a schedule?
- Yes, is not easy. But it is our job and what we love doing - playing football and keep winning. We have two more matches before leaving for the holidays, and we have to go the extra mile.

- Now in Ukraine the weather changes. And if it snows in Odesa, can it create additional difficulties for Shakhtar in terms of technique?
- Everything depends on the situation. For example, in a previous meeting with Hoverla, despite the difficult conditions and difficult field, we won 6-1. Therefore, if it snows during the match, it will not be a problem, and if before it, it will be difficult in terms of the energy applied. But we are ready to fight in any conditions.

- Do you think Shakhtar will play with Karpaty displaying technical or physical football?
- It is hard to say. But we have definitely take into account the fact that there are many tall players at Karpaty.

- For Karpaty, it will be the final game before the holiday. For Shakhtar - the match before the important game in the Champions League. Do you think the Lviv side will give their all on the pitch?
- All teams give their best in the matches against Shakhtar: they defend well, constantly counterattack - until the first goal. They test our mental and physical strength. After the first goal conceded, they have to open up. We, in turn, must also do everything to remain the league leaders – it is always a pleasure to go on holidays with positive emotions, achieving a positive result.