Anton Kanibolotskyy: Karpaty counterattack well

Goalkeeper of Shakhtar has granted an interview to the official website on the eve of the match against Karpaty Lviv.

- Anton, in the current season Shakhtar have not met with Karpaty. How have this team changed compared to the last season?
- A good team, which have recently been showing good results. By and large, I cannot say that they changed a lot... They have fast players, so the team make good transitions from defence and counterattack well.

- In the last round of the last championship, Shakhtar were 2:0 up in the match against Karpaty, and could have scored more, but in the second half, conceded two goals - 2:2. Can that bitter experience help avoid the same in the upcoming game?
- In football, anything may happen. But we analyse the matches and make conclusions not to commit errors again. And in a duel with Karpaty we will do everything to win.

- What errors have you paid attention to while preparing for the match?
- Mister draws our attention to different moments in our game. Sometimes it's a lack of concentration, sometimes errors during set pieces, and sometimes it is poor position that leads to conceding goals.

- In the last rounds Shakhtar have scored three goals or more. What is the secret of success?
- This season we have had a lot of games, and it also contributes to converting chances. The main thing is a collective action. At Shakhtar, everyone knows their duties in the field. We have top players in terms of their skill-set. Fast attacks and good movement allows us to get an advantage over opponents that is reflected in scoring goals.

- Anton, the game with Karpaty will take place in Odesa, where they support Shakhtar well. Does it boost your motivation?
- Yes it's true. In Odesa, there are a lot of people who are fans of Shakhtar. Of course, we are happy when we are supported in another city. We are always happy about this and want to see our games watched by as many spectators as possible.