Shakhtar vs Karpaty: players’ view

Players of the Donetsk team have reflected on the victory over Karpaty.

Alex Teixeira, Shakhtar midfielder:

- Karpaty are a great team, whom are always hard to face. Today’s first half was a good example! It was really hard. We attacked, but the ball just did not want to cross the goal line. It is a matter of one moment: in one episode the ball flies into the net, and in another - not; that's football, anything can happen. Yes, I often operate in the attack, open up, try to score. So it may seem that the team always plays to me - but it's not the case! I am glad not only for myself, I am very happy that the team win, that other players also score. We go on holidays in good spirit, because we keep topping the league table. But we do not forget that we still have to play a very important match against PSG.

Ismaily, Shakhtar’s defender:

- Of course, my main role is defence, but Mister always asks us to go forward and help the attack. I am very happy to have managed to score in recent games and help my team win. I am dedicating my goal to my wife and young son Pedro. I would also like to note that today the key player was Eduardo, his presence on the field changed a lot. He always helps the team. The fact that we are going into the winter break as the Ukrainian Premier League leaders gives us a lot of confidence, especially considering the fact that last season we did not finish first. Hopefully, at the end of the second half of the league campaign, we will also be topping the league table and will become champions.

Yaroslav Rakytskyy, Shakhtar’s defender:

- Karpaty are a very young team with an intelligent coach. And today, they played great. Frankly, all of our rivals in the championship, I liked the Lviv side most of all! Of course, Karpaty’s coach has so streamlined the team’s game, that they are not afraid of anything: they work through the pass when making transition from defence – they do not just clear the ball. We expected such a game from Karpaty, we were getting ready, watched their matches. Eduardo did a great job today:  he came on as a sub to score and make two goal assists! The ending of the autumn part of the championship is good, we are now in first place in the standings - and this is most important. I have already said that our task today was to win the three points and stay first. Now, we will play our next game versus PSG - we need to show a decent performance and get into the Europa League.