Mircea Lucescu: Well-deserved win over a good team

Press conference by Shakhtar head coach after the game against Karpaty.

- It was hard to play until the opener. Our opponents just in every way – through good discipline and defensive organization – were trying to prevent us from ripping their defence open. They closed down spaces well. Maybe Karpaty did not create anything offensively, but they defended quite successfully and convincingly. To some extent the field was helpful to them in doing so –  it wasn’t very good quality wise. Still it’s December now, and we face the winter coming, so it is very difficult ... Had we scored in the opening minutes, while we had three or four scoring chances, surely it would have been much easier then. As well as more interesting and spectacular, because the opponents wouldn’t have dropped that deep. I want to note again: we played against a good team, well prepared physically! My congratulations Karpaty on their attitude to the game and to the game plan they received. But our victory and the three points are not questionable: they are well-deserved, considering the game developments and what happened on the field. A well-deserved victory, with the result corresponding to the performance.

- Teixeira scores a lot. Are you ready to part with him in the near future in the event of some good deals coming your way?
- The issue of parting is not relevant yet. It has more to do with the press and their fabricated stories. Nothing of the kind yet.

- We have the information that Shakhtar will play their home games in Zaporizhzhya. Is that true?
- We never considered Zaporizhya. That’s the stadium of Zaporizhya-based Metalurh, plus Zorya play there. They have a good field. We sometimes think of Zaporizhya, because there are still many people from Donetsk. So maybe we will play one of the central home matches of the second half of the season there. We stay at the Arena Lviv so far, that’s our home ground. Today we played in Odesa due to poor weather conditions in Lviv and because we need to preserve the pitch, God grant, for the spring part of the Europa League and for Ukraine national team, who have been preparing for the European Championships.

- Did you like the field in Odesa? And should we expect Shakhtar here again?
- We always feel fine in Odesa, they always give us a warm welcome here. Again, there are many fans here, who love our team. We come here with great pleasure and, of course, will do so in the future, if our home games don’t coincide with those of Chornomorets. We play where people welcome us.