Igor Joviсeviс: We had chances to finish the match better

Head coach of Karpaty Lviv has shared his thoughts about the game with Shakhtar at the post-match press conference.

- I would like to congratulate Shakhtar on the victory! I think that my team looked worthy today, and things, we had planned, panned out well for long spells of time. Organisation and game plan were carried out, but we did not have genuine goal-scoring opportunities. But we stayed in a positive mood for long time, hoping that we can hold out as long as possible, we had the chance to finish the match better. The first goal was greatly affected the team, because it wasn’t an ordinary goal: there was a misunderstanding between defender and goalkeeper, error in communication. After the goal, it became clear that it would be difficult to equalise and deny Shakhtar space. Such team as Shakhtar punish for the individual mistakes – as was the case with the second and third goal. Still I believe that we successfully finished the autumn part of the championship, gained an incredible experience to move forward, and the team had a lot of positive results.

- How would you assess refereeing?
- I do not discuss refereeing it is not my competence. This are personal reasons for that.

- Will you continue to work with Karpaty?
- On 31 December my contract will expire. During five years, I have given the club all I could. I think a possible lack of experience and knowledge were compensated by my inspiration, positive attitude, energy, my ambitions. I learned from other qualified people in the club, I passed experience to my charges. I am grateful to the club for what they have given me. I would like to thank the fans for their support. They were also very good to me during my playing career too. I get the energy that I pass on to my players. I am very glad that to be the coach of Karpaty! Again, I will coach until December 31, and then we'll see.

- Do you consider the option of the team having their say to make you stay and it will affect your decision to stay in Lviv, in Ukraine?
- I am very happy even now, you cannot imagine it! The players have said they want to continue to work with me. They democratically expressed their views. We are one family, our strength lies precisely in the unity – it is not a commonplace thing, and in Ukraine, I would name just a couple of teams in which there is such a strong relationship between the coaching staff and players. Lviv is a very specific area, and the people are different in character... This is football in the end, and the coaches come and go. If it is not me, another quality coach will come, he will also deliver result, develop young players. You have seen today how many of them played. After a few years they will play possibly with Paris Saint-Germain in Paris. This is the reality and it is a great experience for our club, which is a trend in the Ukrainian football.

- What training camps are scheduled for the team?
- I cannot say right now, because I do not know what will happen tomorrow. It is a question to the team’s management.

- You are dressed today in a very interesting embroidery. What is the reason?
- It is a gift of my team! I really appreciate this, so in response I give my heart, time and all the energy. It was presented on November 30 for my birthday, and the guys were asked to put on this this embroidery for today’s match. I remember a few years ago, I was presented with embroidered with the emblem of Karpaty, I sometimes wear it. And today, of course I could not say no to the team.