Shakhtar greet volunteers

Today, December 5, marks the International Volunteer Day. FC Shakhtar express sincere gratitude to the people who chose this path for their kindness, compassion, love for sport and children. Largely thanks to the volunteers, a children’s project “Let’s Play!” has been implemented for two years. It allows children to play football in the modern sports venues.

During the project volunteers held an average of more than 700 training sessions with children in Donetsk and Lviv. 21 volunteers worked with boys and girls, for each of whom coaching children is a step towards their own dreams. Many of them are still in the race to this day. For example, proactive and responsive Dmytro Khlopkov has been training the children on the fields of the “Let’s Play!” in Donetsk almost from the first day of the project. Boys aged between 10 and 12 years have regularly won the tournament under his leadership and are still happy to attend training sessions. Yuriy Manzhosov’s charges in the senior age group are also multiple winners of gold and silver medals, as well as Ruslan Shportenko’s kids.

Shakhtar would like to thank each volunteer of the “Let’s Play!” project, who spends his spare time with young players, making their lives closer to the sport, strengthens team spirit and health!