David Luiz: It will be difficult to play against my friends

On the eve of the match against the Pitmen, PSG defender answered the reporters' questions.

- Like last season, PSG will claim the second spot in the group and advance to the Champions League Last 16. But we have the impression that the team are playing better than last year. Do you have the same impression?
- Yes, I do! Of course, now we do not think about the past year - our thoughts are focused on the current performance. We have advanced from the group being in the second spot again and, of course, we are facing some tough games in the next round. But now we think just about tomorrow’s meeting: we will play against the strong team, who have very good footballers and coach. Again, let us take the game responsibly. Hopefully, tomorrow we will act like that.

- Please tell us a few words about Lucas, your compatriot. The coach said recently that he had given him a chance, but the player failed to use it. Do you think the Brazilian is offended or still motivated to try himself in new roles at PSG?
- The coach trusts us all, he motivates us, trying to help everyone and giving everyone the opportunity to play. Lucas is a good player, a great guy, a professional: every day he tries to learn something new, just like me - I also love doing it. Of course, I try to help my teammates. Now Lucas feels good, better than last year. And for me he is a great talent.

- We often see you smiling. Are you happy in Paris?
- Of course, I am not supposed to say anything in this regard. I always smile - everyone knows that. Coming here was the right decision, and I’m very delighted at the fact today. I would like to thank everyone. Even you guys - I love talking to you! Thank you, the coach, for the opportunity.

- David, do you consider the experience of the previous Champions League seasons as an advantage for this season? Did you learn a lot?
- I think we look better this season than last one, because we work the right way. Playing in the Champions League is not that difficult, it’s not easy to play against the world’s top sides. Yes, this year we feel better - thanks, of course, to the experience. Again: we have had the same squad for several years now. And I hope that we will improve our results this football year, will go further than in the previous one, and will win the trophy – that’s everyone’s dream.

- Paris Saint-Germain are the only team who haven’t suffered a single defeat in the league. What do you think about that and about the club dynamics?
- Right, I forgot about it. We work well. But that's not about how we start, but rather about how we finish it.

- Shakhtar has many Brazilian players. What's your opinion about them?
- They are magnificent. Those are the players strengthened by the philosophy of their coach. They showcase the real football. It will be difficult to play against my friends. But for 90 minutes I will forget that they're my friends, and will try to show my best qualities.

- What Shakhtar Brazilian do you consider to be your best friend? What do you make of Teixeira?
- Alex has been having a great season, being at the peak of his career at Shakhtar. Of course, we, Brazilians, all know each other. Let us hope that tomorrow they will not play as good as usual.

- Which match will be more difficult for you - against Shakhtar or against Lyonnais on Sunday?
- Tomorrow will be a very difficult match, and against Lyonnais it won’t be easy. But I can only speak about the previous and the next games, I do not want to jump the gun. I want to repeat: tomorrow will be a difficult match against a fantastic team. So we need to be focused and play to the highest standards.