Fred: We’re eager to get a win

The Pitmen’s Brazilian midfielder has taken part in the press conference before the match against PSG.

- Good afternoon. What do you think about tomorrow's match? How are the team preparing for it?
- We know that it will be a difficult match because PSG are a very skilful team. During the last week, we were diligently preparing for this game and we hope to win. We want to win.

- Today David Luiz has said a lot of warm words about Shakhtar’s Brazilians. What can you say about PSG’s Brazilians?
- We played together for Brazil. David Luiz is a good friend not only to me, but for all Brazilians in our team. All of us keep in touch with each other. Of course, he and all the other players know how strong Shakhtar and PSG players are. Our team work quite competently. That is why we will try to win tomorrow. We really need it.

- Unfortunately, we don’t often see and talk to you. How difficult are you going through the situation related to doping? Does it affect your game? Journalists are noting that last six months have seen you play very well, despite the scandal.
- For me the most important thing is not to worry and continue to show a high quality game. Now I am at Shakhtar. This club has given me a lot, I have learned a lot. So, I continue to play, without thinking about the problems. Let the lawyers deal with the rest. It is not our business.