U19. PSG vs Shakhtar: players’ view

Players of the Donetsk team have reflected on the match with the French side.

Oleksandr Pyhalyonok, Shakhtar’s midfielder Shakhtar U19:

- The score was not relevant. We failed to advance further, but we played to the end. We acted on the counterattacks. And perhaps because of this, many things did not work out: there were a lot of losses of the ball in midfield, sometimes it was impossible to make a transition from defence to attack. Once again: we lost the ball in completely unnecessary situations many times. PSG are a very powerful team, with tall players, who are physically stronger than us. Of course, we fought against a very good team. But I would single out Augustin - perhaps he is the most mobile and dangerous PSG player. Yes, we had a strategy, we knew how to act against him. But it, alas, did not work... We took the last place in the group, it is not good for a team like Shakhtar. Of course, we wanted to go further, but, unfortunately, did not. In any case, each of us has gained invaluable experience in games with Real Madrid, PSG and even Malmo - we had no weak opponents. Let’s take me, for example, I used to be worried when I went out on the field, and now I am absolutely calm, more focused, confident in my abilities.

Dmytro Topalov, Shakhtar U19 midfielder:

- During the break, the coach said that in the first half we played more or less well, and drew attention to the fact that we needed to step up the game in the second period. Despite our position in the standings, we were looking for a win. The second and the third goal from PSG broke the course of the match, it is a pity that we conceded them. Let's move on. I would note that the opponents worked with the ball quicker than we did. The French have more experience as they are already deployed by the first team. PSG ARE also physically strong, tall - in this component we looked inferior. The technique was on a par, we had desire, but the opponents outran us. I should add that the field was of excellent quality - the best surface on which we played in the UEFA Youth League. It was nice to work on it.